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Caribbean Selects Try out Weekend

Caribbean Selects Try out Weekend

The Caribbean Stars tryouts at Lamport Stadium were well attended with 26 players on Saturday and 23 on Sunday. On Saturday the players were taken through several drills and skill test and ended the day with a 30 minute game between Reds and Yellows. On Sunday the players were selected to play an exhibition game against Magic Athletic Club and were divided into two teams Blues and Reds.

The game was played in thirds with the Blue team starting the game while the Red team played the second third. The Caribbean Selects try out players were mixed and matched to play in the final third which ended goalless.

Magic scored the only goal of the contest in the second third and had the better team play and time of possession. At the end of the day both organizations felt that the venture was well worth the effort and this early time of the outdoor season and has indicated that there is a good possibility of the clubs having a rematch?  










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