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Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XL Champions

Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XL Champions       

The Pittsburgh Steelers went into Detroit Michigan and run the “Bus” (Jerome Bettis) on cruise control to run out the clock to secure their win over the Seattle Seahawks at Super Bowl XL 21-10. This was a game in my estimation that the best team did not win. Give the Steelers credit they did all the right things to win under the favorable atmosphere of a home crowd and unwarranted help from some questionable calls by the game officials that obviously affected Seattle team chemistry. If you are a sports fan you would have to feel bad for Seattle who make the Super Bowl for the first time and played under bad (officiating) conditions which makes it a little tougher to be successful.   

It did not matter which team you supported you have to admit the run of play dominated by Seattle and Pittsburgh did not need any assistance to get back into the game and entered the half with a 7-3 lead. If you are hesitant or cannot recall the specifics of the first half, let’s set the record straight. Pittsburgh only statistical advantage was the score. Seattle Seahawks led in time of possession, first downs, passing yards, rushing yards, missed field goal and had a 1-0 edge in turnovers. Yes score win games but in that half the score had to be changed because of offensive pass interference against Seattle due to an offensive pass interference called on Jackson in the end zone to negate a Seahawks touchdown and in actuality erased four (4) points off the scoreboard. The only play Pittsburgh made in the half was a long pass play from Ben Rothlesberger to Hines Ward that was caught at the Seattle one yard line to set up a Pittsburgh touchdown to give them a 7-3 half time lead. Without the ghost offensive pass interference that was called, the score would have been 7-7 at the half.  However the story of the game was Seattle inability to take advantage of their good field position with untimely penalties, missed field goals and blown calls. It has been common practice if an official missed any extra action during a play he usually takes the result of the play and let the team challenge the call.

 The anxiety level of the spectators were high for the second half since the underdog Seahawks had the better of the game and was moving the ball effectively up and down the field and only trailing by 4 points.  Pittsburgh had the first possession and on 2nd down attempt hand off the ball to running back Willie Parker who found a hole at the line of scrimmage to the right and ran untouched for a Super Bowl record 75 yards touchdown.  It seemed that Pittsburgh could do no wrong on this day and whenever they did collectively as a team they fought through the situation. The MVP was another missed call in my book and seems to be orchestrated towards the quarter back, because both teams basically ignored the run and were throwing early and often. Ben Roethlisberger two interceptions ruled him out although he was 9 of 21 for 123 yards. Hines Ward was 5 catches for 123 yards with two long catches, one on a reverse trick play from receiver Randle Els who broke wide and found him in the end zone for a game to clinch the game. Willie Parker on the other hand numbers were 10 carries for 93 yards, and a game winning 75 yards touchdown run for a Super Bowl record. My sentiment is that Willie Parker should have been the MVP of Super Bowl XL with no disrespect to Hines Ward.

                                          The Big plays of Super Bowl XL  

 #82 Antwaan Randle El touch down throw to Hinds Ward and #39 Willie Parker 75 Yard run











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