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Can Warriors keep the Rhythm?

Can Warriors keep the Rhythm?

The Soca Warriors International game against Iceland in England is only days away and their supporters are anxious to know which players coach Beenhakker will utilize and when.  On the other hand the Iceland team is set and poised and has nothing to lose and lots to prove after failing to qualify for the World Cup in the European zone. They will be working very hard to impress their new coach who for this game has requested the services of a number of his top players in an attempt to start a winning tradition.

 This is the first game for Trinidad and Tobago senior team since the Bahrain game and they would be hard press to return to the high level of play created by their team chemistry. However whatever they may lack in team chemistry they should be able to compensate with enthusiasm due to the large contingent of Soca Warrior supporters that is expected to attend the game at the Queens Park Rangers Stadium. A mini Carnival was also organized by the local supporters to compensate for all the people and team member who missed the T&T Carnival that will be coming to a close while the game is played. With this festive environment the warriors should be able to generate additional energy but will have to be spent it executing coach Bennhakker’s game plan even if their fans grow a little impatient with the pace of the game.

 The most likely scenario will be the mixing and matching of players in various positions usually after 30 to (half) 45 minutes. This experimental process could change quickly if an early goal is scored, and respectability has to be maintained. The game develops into a tactical battle and the coaches will be glued to the overall performance of the team. While players are assessed on how well they respond and adjust to game situations, the substitutes will be given their responsibilities and inserted into the game.

Trinidad and Tobago coach Beenhakker may be forced to forget the score of the game because he may have to play a few of his five new players and one of his two unused Goalkeepers regardless of which of the three starts. This may be the only way to get to the next level. His best case scenario will be an early lead so he could utilize the new players for a fair amount of minutes. Injuries are the reality of the game and the Warriors can ill avoid jeopardizing the future of the team to win an International friendly. Respectability and team chemistry with the new players should be priority number one.




















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