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Past 05 Files

GS United (Gursikh Sabha United) of Scarborough became the first team from Ontario in 16 years to win the Canadian Men's National Soccer title. Since the tournament started in 1902, Ontario teams have only won the National 11 times.  In addition to winning the Canadian National Soccer Championship in Calgary, GS has also won the Ontario Soccer League (OSL) title, Ontario Cup, and the prestigious Ted Coombs Award for the most consistent team in the league over the last four years. GS was also well represented in the OSL individual awards as Captain Emil Calixtero won the MVP, Courtney Campbell, the Best Goalkeeper, and John Williams Coach of the Year for his second in the last 3 years.

 It is customary to find most of GS United teams players on University Scholarships list, while others have moved on to national status with the Olympic  team such as Alim Karrim and  Dwayne De Rosario with the Canada men's National team. 

GS United has also won Caribbean Stars Indoor tournament on four occasions and several Scarborough Soccer Association (SSA) Indoor titles in both the Men's Open and O-35 Divisions. They have exemplified the true meaning of sportsmanship reflected by the number of Most Discipline awards they have won sometimes in mediocre season, when temperament are usually tested.

GS has contributed positively to the Caribbean Community and society in general, due to their perseverance and commitment to excellence.  Of the 50 players that comprise the Club GS United, over 20 of them are of different nationalities which is a true reflection of the Canadian Multicultural Society.

GS Manager Dave Sidhu was candid when asked about his team's success compared to past seasons.  He responded "We have always had skill in our teams, that was a given, but the addition of 5 to 6 players brought us more dedication and cultivated ultimate and utmost respect for each other". When asked, what's next for GS He replied, "In my mind we were not the best team out there consistently, and for next season we will be adding another 3 or so players that should put us in a good position to defend our titles successfully" 

GS United was formed in 1990 and had success at the recreational level in Scarborough before joining the Toronto and District (T&D) League winning five different divisions in five years. The team was finally promoted to the Ontario Soccer League (OSL) in 2001 after improving their standing every year. They won some of the league's major trophies in 2003 which included the League Champions, OSL Cup, MVP, and Coach of the Year, Best Goalkeeper, and Most Discipline Team award. In 2004 they under achieved by placing 3rd and winning the Most Discipline Team award for the second consecutive year. With all their success in the past they were never satisfied due to their disappointing play in the elusive Ontario Cup tournaments, a tournament they were focused on winning for quite some time. They finally achieved that goal and ultimately went on to win the National as a result. Well Done GS! 

On behalf of GS United management Dave Sidhu would like to say a special thank you to Bill Singh and all the players and supporters who have associated with, and contributed to, GS United from its inception.

by Aldwyn McGill

Scarborough Indoor Soccer exciting finals

Some stayed off Sudden Death while others fade away on penalty kicks. Dalton House, was the "Scarborough Indoor Soccer League" (SISL) 2005 O/35 league Champion and Play-Off Runners up while GS United was 2005 Over-35 League Runners up and Play-Off Champion.  Dalton House beat GS United twice in regular league play but on this day GS United prevailed winning on penalty kicks after the 5 minutes sudden death.

In the second final Just Us team defeated GS United to win the SISL 2005 Men's Open Play-Off Championship. They tied the game 2-2 with only 4 seconds left in regulation play and won the game with seconds left in sudden death overtime.  GS United was playing short handed after two of their players were sent to the penalty box.  Peter Firebrace scored all three goals including the winning goal to complete the hat trick.  GS United was the SISL 2005 Men's Open League Champion and Play-off Runner up and will be one of "Caribbean Stars" future featured organization. Stay tuned!

Carib Stars Affiliation with North Scarborough


"Caribbean Stars" has confirmed their soccer club has signed an affiliation agreement with North Scarborough Soccer Club (NSSC) senior team of the Ontario Soccer League Multi Jurisdictional League to provide some leadership and support to the young NSSC team.  Interested players can call 416-434-9586, 416-286-6292 or 416-526-3436. The team season opener is on June 5, 2005.



Caribbean Stars Launches Website

"Caribbean Stars" in conjunction with Island Style Events (recognized internationally for their "GLOW" (all white) and {"Hatters" events) launched their website on the "Guess Who" Show and Fete at KOOL HAUS 132 Queens Quay on Saturday, May 21, 2005.

Caribbean Stars would like to  thank "Ian Wilshire" of Island Style Events, ""amaal Magloire" of Jamaal Magloire Entertainment and everyone associated with the "Guess Who Show" for giving us the opportunity to launch as a part of your event. 


Caribbean Stars to form Alumni

Caribbean Stars Soccer Club will be making an effort to contact all past players to form an Alumni team. According to sources this will be the foundation for Caribbean Stars membership. All past players are asked to contact 416-526-3436.


 Summer Youth Soccer Camp

Caribbean Stars will be holding their first Annual Youth Soccer Camp for ages 6-16 from July 11 to 22 2005 at McLevin Park in Scarborough. Registration forms can be obtained online, or at your club or community outlets.

 Soccer Back Then

In the late 1960s West Indians in Toronto wanted to play soccer for more than just fun and exercise, they wanted to compete, thus West Indies United was formed. Unfortunately a few years later there was a parting of ways and some of the members created their own team, Iere Sports Club, with both clubs competing in the Toronto and District Soccer League. The Contrast Newspaper which back then was the only local West Indian paper got involved and organized a knock out tournament for the Contrast Cup. The original teams were the more prominent teams such as West Indies United, Iere, and Unity and as the years past included Simba, Marlee United and Real etc;


The Contrast League was the first taste organized community soccer besides the local tournaments hosted by WI United and Iere Sports Clubs. This gave the limited amount of blacks an opportunity to know each other and make friends. In reality it brought the West Indian community together.

 However at the grass root level there were other talented players as in all communities who were not a member of the elite teams but were willing to play as a form of exercise, fun, and enjoyment. As a result in 1975 a group of guys decided to form another League called the Street Guys Soccer league that operated out of the Oakwood Collegiate school field. The league moved to the Bathurst Heights field later in the season due to school usage.

 The location was ideal because back then because 1348 St Clair Ave West was the place to be during weekday evenings for Cultural activities and the place to go for Parties (fete) on the weekends. Street Guys league first end of season Awards and Banquet was held at "1348" whose numbers were the only direction locals party goers needed to find the Hall.

The League relocated to Flemingdon Park area and the soccer fields under the "Hydro wire" due to the development of the Bathurst Heights location and the foundation for Caribbean Soccer was established. Visit "About Us" section of our website and you appreciate the importance and evolution of the Street Guys Soccer League formed by Arthur Cato, Renrick Jupiter, Michael Williams, Desmond Marcial, Andrew Grant and a few other to numerous to mention.


A Special Thank You

Caribbean Stars would like to thank the following companies, individuals, and organizations that supported us throughout the years:

Roots: Renwick Jupiter, Roy John, Adolphus Serette, Dennis Theodore, Rudolph Ottley, Selwyn Cowie, Desmond Marcial, Winston Haywood, Michael Williams, Ronald Austin, Auburn Baptiste, Winston Hackett, Victor Haywood, Anthony Loney, Vivian Manswell, Pedro Haywood,  B.W.I.A, Arnold Auguste and Ron Fanfair, of Share Newspaper and all others who are too numerous to mention. 

Support; Noel Denny, John Williams, Hugh Foster, Ronald Austin, Peter Kovacs, Mike Nickie, Ken Mollineau, Howard Cyrus, Dixon Modeste, Ian Barron, Dave Sidhu, Norma Clarke, Lucky Boothe, George Gomez, Ian Hypolite, Winston Molligan, McIver Broomes, Gary Bryan, Val Sebro, Wayne "Nicko" Constance (God Bless), Tyrell McGill, Anton Skerritt, Richard Husbands,"Magic Athletic", "West Indies United", "G.S. United",  "Admiral Canada", Bell Canada, Titan Tours, Brampton East, Pickering, Ajax and S.S.A Youth Clubs, Toronto Lynx, The City of Toronto, and all the businesses, clubs,  players, and supporters that helped establish Caribbean Stars Soccer Club

Special thanks to the following for their contribution and coverage at the "Portmore United International Game" ----- Caribbean Camera Newspaper, Scarborough Mirror, Share Newspaper, Nicey's Food Marts, Donahue's Jerk Chicken, Chuppie Foods, Eddie Williams from Flow 93.5 Live-to-Air, Ron Nelson from CKLN 88.1FM Reggaemania, Maceo Sound Systems, Ocean Bay Night Club, Seven Lounge Night Club, Scarborough Blizzards Youth Club, North Scarborough Youth Club, Metro Lions Youth Team, Toronto Caribbean Soccer League, Scarborough Caribbean Youth Dance Ensemble, Winston Paddy, Isiah Swaby, Arnold Millan, Bill Dixon, Metro Lions Crew, Air Jamaica, and all others who were too numerous to mention.

Also a special thanks to Raschelle McGill, Nardine Vialva, Yvette Grant, and Paul Martin for making the web creation possible.


 Website Launch Report

"Caribbean Stars" in conjunction with Island Style Events (recognized internationally for their "GLOW" (all white) and "Hatters" events) launched their website on the "Guess Who" Show and Fete at KOOL HAUS 132 Queens Quay on Saturday, May 21, 2005.

The show was hosted by E-Man while the pre-show music provided by Dr. Jay "D Soca Prince" from the (K.O.S) Kingdom of Soca family had the crowd bubbling.  Performers included three spectacular female performers Denise "Saucy Wow" Belfon, performing her "Kakalaylay" and showing the audience what she meant by "Bounce it".  Faye-Ann Lyons, who had the crowd "Focus" on her as she "Display" her sensational talent and Ms. Alison Hinds who showed the men in the audience if you want to step to these women you better come correct.  Other performers included Maximus Dan and Timmy.  Also celebrating his 27th birthday was "Jamaal Magloire" of the New Orleans Hornets.

Thanks to all in attendance and Island Style Events, for making the launch a success. 

C Stars-N Scar wins IERE Soccer Tournament

The Caribbean Stars-North Scarborough (CS-NS) team began their 2005 outdoor season by winning the Iere Annual Soccer Tournament held at Lamport Stadium. The tournament consisted of six teams, "Young Lions", "Ebony Juniors", "Scarborough Caribbean", "Everton", "Caribbean Stars-North Scarborough", and "Vincy United". The two divisional favorites going into the semi-finals were Vincy United and Ebony Juniors. CS-North Scarborough upset Vincy United on sudden death penalty kicks while Ebony Juniors went on to defeat Everton 1-0 in the other semi-final.  The CS-North Scarborough saved there best game for last by defeating Ebony Juniors in the final on sudden death penalty kicks after the game was tied 0-0 at the end of regulation time. CS-North Scarborough midfielder "Benedict Wallace" was named the Most Valuable Player of the tournament.


Lynx seconds away from first win


On Fiesta Latina night last Saturday, May 28, 2005 against an impressive Puerto Rico Latino team Toronto Lynx (in yellow) were disappointed with a 4-4 tie final score. Playing only their second game at home in eight starts the Lynx were approximately 60 seconds away from their first win of the season. They allowed a 4-3 lead to slip away after scoring inside 3 minutes of injury time. Seconds later celebration turned into confusion and disbelief for Lynx fans when the Latinos tied the game. The fans were still celebrating from the Lynx goal and maybe this could have been the case for the Toronto Lynx players who did not get back in time for the tying goal that came from a dangerous cross from the left flank to the last post. The rest as they say is history.

In the first half of play the Lynx was dominated in the midfield by the visiting Puerto Rico Latino team and trailed 3-1 at intermission. 

The second half began in similar fashion with the Lynx a tad too casual in their approached and almost gave up a break away on the very first seconds on a bad pass back to a defender. The energized fans recognized the situation and sang "go Lynx go" after two brilliant saves by goalkeeper Zagar Theodosis. Toronto Lynx made full use of their free kicks and in the second half had an 8-4 foul advantage on free kicks compared to an even 7-7 in the first. The "set plays" paid dividends and gave the Lynx some motivation creating three of Toronto's four goals. That turned out to be the story of the game. Toronto Lynx utilization of their "set plays" and the big saves by goalkeeper Zagar Theodosis.

Our Star of the Game was Toronto Lynx goalkeeper Zagar Theodosis who made big saves that kept his team in the game and gave them momentum to tie and eventually take the lead 4-3 in injury time. The home crowd with chants "Let's go Lynx" energized the team to score three consecutive goals to take the lead.

The Goal of the Game (by a narrow margin over the scissor kick second goal by the visitors) was Toronto Lynx third goal that tied the game. It was a beauty of a free kick taken just outside the 18 yard penalty area, right of center. It was bent around the wall (like Beckham) and handcuffed the opposing keeper.

Toronto Lynx next home game in Tuesday, May 31 2005 against Rochester Raging Rhinos and game time is at 11:00am. We think from what we have seen from Toronto's team in their last two home games that a win on Tuesday, May 31, 2005 at home is very likely.

Toronto Lynx Slow Start

Toronto Lynx playing before their largest crowd of the season on "School Day" started their game against Rochester Raging Rhinos the way they started this season "slow". The team fell behind by four goals in the first 30 minutes of play and was trailing 5-1 at the half.

In the second half they kept the Rhinos scoreless while scoring two goals of their own to make the final score a decent 5-3. Again the positives for the Lynx were their set plays that seem to be their best offensive tool thus far. The Lynx are a dangerous team on set pieces scoring 5 of there last 6 goals as a result of free kicks. They are also ending games stronger than their opponents.  Maybe it could be due to the fact that they were behind on the scoreboard during those games. Judging from the last three games it seems that they would have a better chance at winning if the players concentrated and spend more energy at the beginning (first half) of games, on their defensive assignments. It is still early in the season but Lynx players have to show that desire to achieve that elusive first win of the season.

Toronto Caribbean Soccer League Open


Toronto Caribbean Soccer League (T.C.S.L) opened the 2005 season to a good crowd on the weekend with double headers on both Saturday and Sunday.  In the first game on Saturday at 7pm North Kipling defeated Upsetters 4-1 and in the featured game of the evening Champion Kickers (2004 League Winners) played to a goalless tie with Jamaica Ambassadors. The game was a well played contest with the defending champion having a slight edge in possession but Ambassadors goalkeeper was the player of the game with some brilliant saves to secure the shutout. In the first game on Sunday, Young Lions defeated Solo Boyz 2-1 and in the second and final game of the weekend Sateba and Western United played to a 1-1 tie. Toronto Caribbean Soccer League is in its fifth season and all games are played ay Teasdale Park (one blk east of Black Creek and Eglinton Ave). Champion Kickers team has been added to our TEAMS section and T.C.S.L league will be one of our many upcoming features via The Caribbean Stars Experience.  June 06, 2005             

T.C.S.L schedule games for next week   Sat June 11,  Ambassadors vs. Sateba @ and Western vs. C. Kickers @ 9pm  Sun June 12, Up setters vs. Young Lions @ 7pm and N. Kipling vs. Solo Boyz 9pm    

Caribbean Stars Originals


This was the Caribbean Stars team that started first game of the 1995 season. Left to Right from the back--- Bobby Moses, Fitzroy Crooks, Aldwyn McGill (Coach) Tyrell McGill (equipment), Noel Denny (Administrator), Ronald Austin, Chris Handsor, McIver Broomes, Sean Casquero, Miguel Mitchell, Hugh Foster (Asst Coach) Middle Row---Sean Samuels, St Ryan Steeles, Jomo Pitt Front Row--- Johnny Williams, Anton Skerritt, Patrick Bradley, Eric Johnston, Rennie Martin, Sheldon Smith, Cameron Walker, Andre Fanis

Caribbean Stars 95 Cup Semi Finalist

Above Caribbean Stars team that played against Toronto Italia

Back row: left to right Aldwyn McGill (Coach), Anton Skerritt, Francis Charles, Peter Firebrace, Bayete Smith, Dixon Modeste, Fitzroy Crooks, Mark Gibbs, Eric Fanis, Edwin Ferdinand: Front row,  Mike Mendonza, Cameron Walker, Roderick Phillip, Patrick Bradley, Ronnie Andrews, Mark Stevens, Miguel Mitchell, John Williams.

Toronto Lynx getting Spicy

The Toronto Lynx of the USL is schedule to play a talented Caribbean All Star team on Sunday July 10, 2005 at Caribbean Stars Sports and Family Day at Birchmount Stadium at 6pm. The Lynx are hoping to turn up some hot tempo from this exhibition game into their Carib Fest league home game on Sunday 16 against the Seattle Sounders at Centennial Stadium at 7:30 pm.

The Caribbean All Star team will comprise of Caribbean players from the OSL, CPSL, TSSL, and the TCSL Leagues. The accumulated players will play an exhibition game within the next two weeks as soon as their respective league schedules permits. The All Star team will eventually be selected from the inter squad exhibition game to play the Toronto Lynx.

Good Start for United

Malvern West Indies United and GS United of the Provincial Ontario Soccer League (OSL) are off to a good start to their 2005 outdoor season. The two

teams have identical undefeated records of 3-0 with no ties.  The teams should provide the community with some exciting soccer and probably some hardware. GS Utd last game was a 2-1 victory over Benfica at St Clair field last Friday while West Indies squeak by Magic Athletic by a score of 1-0 before a huge crowd at McLevin Park last Sunday.    2005-06-15

Lynx 1st Home Win at Carib Fest

Toronto Lynx finally enjoyed their first home win of the 2005 USL Soccer Season. The victory was at the expense of the Seattle Sounders on Carib Fest night. After five tries the long awaited and well deserved home victory came on a night when Caribbean Stars Soccer Club was an honourable mention and had forecasted in previous articles that the Lynx would Spice things up after there appearance in a friendly game at Caribbean Stars Sports and Family Day. This was the Lynx first league game after the appearance and they did get spicy and unlike previous home games were very aggressive from the start of the game. They controlled the run of play and opened the scoring in the 21st minute with a goal by # 10 Charles Gbeke. There welcome on field change of pace in a season where the team were not getting the breaks will ensure that they make their own breaks. Case in point; although they missed a penalty taken by Henry Nigel that could have extended their lead to 2-0 they did not bow their heads but continued to plugged away at a point in the game where Seattle Sounders were taking over the game and poised to score. They eventually countered a Seattle team pressing for an equalizing goal which was unlike the Lynx of old. They pounced on the opportunity and continued to string the effective short passes together and with a perfect SHORT through pass to #12 Wynn Belotte just inside the penalty area circle the second goal finally came. Wynn muscled through two defenders and scored with a neat placement away from advancing Sounders goalkeeper.  Almost reminiscent of their game against Portland where the team over celebrated to give up a tie with seconds left in that game Belotte in his celebration took off his Jersey and was carded. Again unlike the old Lynx only Belotte (not the entire team) was guilty of counting the win before the final whistle. Seattle scored their goal in 91st minute to end the game 2-1. 

It is only fitting with the hard work the Lynx team have been putting in on their 2 week layoff that lady luck and positive things happened to help them win this game. Hopefully this trend will continue into the second half of the season.

 Toronto Lynx now has a much improved team and two wins and one tie in their last three games

Flemingdon Reunion

The Reunion was organized to rekindle the good times experienced over two decades when the Street Guys league relocated to Flemingdon Park in 1976 under the Hydro wires. There were not many teams present compared to previous years maybe because of the Caribana festivities but that did not prevent the DJs from creating a festive atmosphere reminiscent of the good old days. The weather at Flemingdon was beautiful with temperatures soaring over 30 degrees Celsius and no rain although it rained in other parts of the city.  Flemingdon Park was hot, festive, and relaxing with lawn chairs the order of the day. 

The Reunion opened with a combine team of past players from Exhibitor, Players, Spoilers, Colts and East West Connection playing against an energetic All Star team that had some players from the Canadian Professional Soccer League (CPSL).  The game ended 5-4 for the All Stars.

 In the second game the Street Guys combine team played the Park Boys who had Bobby Harry Persaud, owner of the popular night club Caribbean Flavour on their team.  The game attracted more spectators than the first due to the support for the home team, Flavour Park Boys. The game ended 5-3 in favour of Park Boys.


Family Day winners of the Boys under 12 race seen chilling after receiving their medals and the sun visor donated by M.P.P. Alvin Curling's office.

 Caribbean Stars Alumni in Finals

The two Caribbean Stars Alumni Players to appear in the Ontario Cup Final. Peter Firebrace and Rene Martin on the L-R outer ends with team mate Gladstone Richards. They will be playing against GS United on Sunday September 18, 2005 at Soccer Centre at 4pm.

Rene won Ontario Cup with Woodbridge Azzirri before and so did Peter with Scarborough Azzuri. Gladstone Richards is Ontario Soccer League (OSL) and Toronto Caribbean Soccer League (TCSL) 2004 MVP. He is also having a good 2005 season thus far. Peter Firebrace was our Man of the Match in Azzuri semi final game while Rene Martin remains Azzurri's minister of defence at center back. They will be playing against their GS team mates of last season in Sean Long, Johnny Williams (coach), Chris Handsor (asst coach) and Gary Bryan. These mentioned players were all members of the 95 Caribbean Stars elite team. This should make for a very interesting final.

Adidas Tent at Family Day 


The Adidas Soccer Tent installed by John Williams was a big hit with the kids. Most kids participated while the others supported friends as they competed for prizes at numerous shooting contests. The wait in the line although seemed a bit lengthy, the smile on the kids faces with their prizes indicated that the wait was worth the enjoyment


 Scarborough Caribbean (SCSC) clinched NYCSL 2005 League Title


Memorial Tournament

Caribbean Stars First Annual Memorial Outdoor Soccer Tournament is being held in memory of all deceased soccer players and soccer enthusiasts from the community. The Tournament is scheduled for Saturday October 1st 2005, at LAmoreaux 1 & 2 Fields in Scarborough.


1981 TCSL Champions Colts IntíL 


GS United Coaching Staff

GS United coaching staff won our Man of the Match award for their match ups and timely substitutions to win the 2005 Ontario Cup. From left to right John Williams (coach), Chris Handsor (assist coach), Lester Burno, and Wayne Morgan.


GS Utd Win Cup

GS United won the Men's Division of the Ontario Cup 1-0 on an overtime goal scored by Tom Kouzmanis. Winning the Ontario Cup was the objective of the GS organization for several years. 



 GS Accepts Ontario Cup

GS United Emil Calixterio (captain) and Dave Sidhu (manager) accepts the Ontario Cup after defeating Woodbridge Azzurri in sudden death overtime at the Soccer Centre.


Caribbean Stars CISL 1996 Indoor Champs







Caribbean Stars team that won the Canadian International Soccer League at Centennial College in Scarborough.  Back Row: Patrick Bradley, Elvis Thomas, Junior Kitson, Bayete Smith, Dixon Modeste, Kevin Golindo, Aldwyn McGill (coach) Front Row: Warren Ali, Terrence Constantine, Mark Stevens, Peter Firebrace


TCSL International Stars

The Toronto Caribbean Soccer League held two "Stop the Violence benefit games at Ester Shiner Stadium on Labour Day Sunday September 4, 2005.    

The first game was between Somalia All Stars against Toronto Caribbean All Stars. The Caribbean All Stars won 4-1 in a game that showcased talent but not much teamwork. The second game was very entertaining and featured Jamaican National player Onandi Lowe (front row 4th from left) and Toronto Caribbean Int'l Stars versus Scarborough Azzurri. 

Stop the Violence Part II Action


On an overcast September Sunday the only shadows the Toronto Caribbean All Stars (TCSL) saw were that of the Montreal Caribbean All Stars players. In a game where the TCSL Stars look superior early,  their sense of urgency was not as present as in the first Stop the Violence exhibition game three weeks earlier. The Montreal All Stars slowly worked their way into the game and opened the scoring midway through the first half.  The TCSL All Stars equalized within minutes of falling behind and the game got very competitive tied 1-1 at the half. The second half continued the same as the first, but it was quite noticeable that Montreal All Stars were double teaming Onandi Lowe of the Reggae Boyz 98 World Cup team. But while Montreal was imposing their defensive strategy, the TCSL defense got complacent and gave up a second goal on a counter attack down the right flank. Stunned by the turn of events the TCSL push forward more aggressively, but it was too late. The Montreal team found a soft spot down the right flank and capitalized for yet another goal, its third, to end what turn out to be a very entertaining contest.

GS Utd National Champions 2005

GS United Soccer Club never gave up on their quest to win the Ontario Cup championship. In our coverage of the team as early as April from their Indoor season, Caribbean Stars recognized that GS had talent but were not businesslike in systematically putting teams away. Although they lost the Indoor Cup in overtime in the Scarborough Indoor Soccer League (SISL) final after dominating the entire game, the trend continued well into the outdoor season until their big win in the Ontario Cup quarter finals at Caribbean Stars Family Day in early July.

That was the turning point of GS season, as they finally realized that their goal was attainable. There was in fact a light at the end of the tunnel and GS United went on to win the Ontario Cup, the Canadian Men's National Championship and the OSL League title.

These accomplishments although well deserved are not surprising because there was a coconscious that the team was under achieving. This GS team is capable of winning another National title. Caribbean Stars would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dave Sidhu and his management team, John Williams and his coaching staff, the players, and the GS United supporters on their accomplishment. Also special thanks to the people who prepared and served those tasty dishes after the games.  by Aldwyn McGill

Caribbean Stars Family Day Wrap Up


A "Photo Finish" in the boys under 14 race on the Saturday was a good indication of the type of excitement and entertainment experienced at Birchmount Stadium at the Caribbean Stars Sports and Family Day weekend.

The Family Day was a great success with basketball hoops available for shoot around, entertaining soccer games, that showcased promising young talent, Music, Caribbean Food, Social, and most important an atmosphere reminiscent of a well spent vacation. The highlight of the program was the boys U-13 game between North Scarborough Harlem and N.S Stings was known as "the game".  

The game had all the characteristics of a blowout up when Harlem riddled Stings with 3 unanswered goals in 5 minutes to take a commanding 3-1 lead at the half. In the second half the Sting returned the favor and scored 5 unanswered goals of their own to a very excited and enthusiastic crowd supporting a display of competitive play. Stings won the game 5-4 but Harlem made it interesting and fought back to regain momentum and scored minutes before the end but ran out of time pressing for the equalizing goal. The crowd gave the teams a standing ovation at the end of the game to show appreciation for the entertaining game played. 


The track races as previously mentioned were very competitive with the under 14 race for boys that resulted in a photo finish. The Boys under 12 race shown below was also very competitive and by the body language you could appreciate the intensity and the effort. There are no gender restrictions to compete in the Family Day 



A first for the Family Day was a scheduled Girls under 15 Scarborough United Team to play a Boy's North Scarborough under 14 team. The girls played well and understandably enjoyed the full support of the crowd. The boys eventually won the game 4-0.

The Men's Soccer part of the Family Day program progressed into an action filled men's game between Soca and NSSC Posse. Soca eventually scored the winning goal three minutes before the final whistle in a game that went back and forth. Soca Club has been a regular participant at the Family and is a member of the Toronto Services Soccer League. They have revamped their soccer program for 2005 with the noticeable increase of talented young players. North Scarborough is a member of the Ontario Soccer League (MJ Division) and is an affiliate of Caribbean Stars Soccer Club for the 2005 season. 

The Adidas Soccer Tent installed by John Williams was a big hit with the kids. Most kids participated while the others supported friends as they competed for prizes at numerous shooting contests. The wait in the line although seemed a bit lengthy, the smile on the kids faces with their prizes indicated that the wait was worth the enjoyment.


Family Day Saturday closed out with a veteran Over-35 game between Oil Brigade from Toronto and Caribec from Montreal/Quebec. This is the second year for Caribec at the family day and according to sources they have committed to the Caribbean Stars Family Day for 2006. They have requested stiffer competition from Toronto for next year. From all indications on returning with the same players they will be very hard to beat. They are a very talented veteran team that had little opposition in winning their game this year by a lopsided 5-1 margin. Last year they played to a 2-2 tie with Ice Picks from New York who cancelled this year due to prior commitment to the CONCACAF Gold Cup and a Miami Veteran organization. 


Family Day Sunday opened with an important Ontario Cup game between G.S United shown above and Bramlea Celtic. G.S was very aggressive at the start of the game controlling the run of play with their ball possession. They had a commanding 2-0 lead until 3 minutes to halftime when a GS United defender got cute and chest trapped a cross ball in his penalty area. Needless to say he lost the ball to a Celtic forward and the play resulted in a goal for Bramlea Celtic. The game very interesting with a 2-1 score at halftime. The second half began as if the teams changed uniforms. Celtic was now the aggressor and had the momentum and the control of play but missed several scoring opportunities. The GS United defense finally adjusted to Celtics attack up their left side and the game balanced off into a see-saw battle with both teams playing outstanding defense. The game ended with an obvious all out do or die attack from Celtic, throwing everyone in attack in an effort to avoid elimination but time was not on their side, it was too late. G.S United won 2-1 in a game that was won in the first half of play and highly competitive. GS United is a regular participant of Caribbean Stars activities (schedule permit) and will be featured by Caribbean Stars at the end of the 2005 season.


Two Scarborough united womenís teams were up next on the Family Day program, the Strikers and the All Stars. The game was well played and definitely changed the atmosphere of the Family Day to a level which was well received with lots of applause, support and encouragement for the players. The atmosphere changed quickly from the must win of the GS United Ontario Cup game, to the complements of nice pass, and loud cheering. The game was close from the get go and Strikers eventually won the tight contest 2-1. At the end of the game at the announcement of the teams the crowd responded with a loud applause in appreciation of the effort and energy spent.


The featured game of the Sunday program was between the Caribbean All Stars of the Toronto Caribbean Soccer League (TCSL) of the Toronto Caribbean Soccer League (TCSL) and the Toronto Lynx of the United Soccer League (USL) This game displayed soccer at its highest in the community and was very entertaining. It also left everyone pleasantly surprised with the talent of the All Star team. The game was played at a fast pace with some amazing individual skills. Toronto Lynx were forced to match the quickness of the Stars team and did a commendable job. The Caribbean community was hopeful of seeing this type of energy and quickness from the Lynx during the early part of their USL season. They (Lynx) eventually proved to be the superior team and went on to win the game by a 2-1 score. Good things will happen if the Toronto Lynx play the brand of soccer they displayed at the Sports and Family Day


Sateba TCSL 2005 League Winners

Toronto Caribbean Soccer League has a new League Champion in the young and talented Sateba team.  





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