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Stop The Violence Part 2  By Aldwyn McGill


Stop the Violence Benefit Game Part I

Toronto Caribbean Soccer League held two “Stop the Violence” benefit games at Ester Shiner Stadium on Labour Day Sunday September 4, 2005.  The first game was between Somalia All Stars and Toronto Caribbean All Stars.


The Caribbean All Stars won 4-1 in a game that showcased talent but not much teamwork. The second game was very entertaining and featured Jamaican National player Onandi Lowe and as part of the Toronto Caribbean International Stars against Scarborough Azzurri.  The play in the 0-0 half time score was similar to the opening rounds of a boxing match with the champion (TCIS) taking no chances.


The stalemate was not very popular with the crowd who was getting restless. However the halftime show courtesy of dazzling display  certainly put set the tone for what turned out to be an entertaining second half. is a professional ball juggling team who also presented gifts to the crowd in the stands while amazing the crowd with their unbelievable ball control skills. They catched soccer balls with every imaginable part of their body as the appreciative crowd responded with loud cheers.


The second half was a clinical display of team soccer by the Int'l Stars with their leader Onandi Lowe punctuating the plays with some clinical finishing. Lowe scored the opening goal of the game when he collected a through pass at inside left position just over the half line, and advanced to the left edge of the 18 yard box. He then faked to the left and did a 360 turn to his right and while turning hit a low left footed shot that skim the inside of the near post to squeeze into Azzurri net. 


As a goal celebration Onandi Lowe ran passed the goal and did a wine you waist dance. The crowd erupted as it was obvious that it was the moment which the majority of the people in attendance were waiting for. 

Lowe lit up the scoreboard as he went on to score a second and third goal to give him the hat trick. His third was the game stopper. It occurred when he received a pass from the left corner flag at the edge of the 6 yard, faked a left foot shot that sent the goal keeper and defenders down on the carpet, chopped the ball to his right foot with the inside of the left, fake another shot with his right foot to send the goalkeeper in the opposite direction, before turning around and crack his favourite left footer into the goal at the near post.

While the crowd was enjoying every minute of Onandi salad dressing with the eventual score the Azzurri goalkeeper was noticeably embarrassed and upset at what had transpired before the goal. Low and behold there was a fourth goal which bad a bad situation worst when an Int'l player dribbled several Azzurri players down the left side and faked out the goalkeeper once more with the same reaction and shot hard into the net.


Scarborough Azzurri goalkeeper felt enough was enough, took the ball out of the net, and kicked it out of the stadium, before leaving the game voluntarily for his team dressing room. Of course the crowd had their fill of fun while Azzurri replaced him in net with one of performers.

 Azzurri continued to play and eventually scored a consolation goal towards the end of the game from the penalty spot.  It was a fun filled evening which is what the community needed since it was not what we were experiencing in our homes, neighbourhoods, schools, and public transport system.


Some of our youths in the community are setting a bad example by shooting and killing each other while taking innocent lives with them. The event was to bring awareness and appeal to the youths to Stop the violence. This was the sentiment conveyed on the PA by Ron Nelson of Radio Station 88.1 (Reggaemania) program.  


As expected there were no incidents at the event and rarely are there at sporting events in the community. Large dosage of community sporting events may be a good start to remedy some of the problems in the community. The TCSL International Stars won the game 4-1 on the shoulders of Onandi Lowe three goals and as a good jester Lowe stayed around after the game to take questions from the crowd.

4        vs.     1

TCSL Int’l Stars 


Scarborough Azzurri












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