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Toronto FC Update 2008   By Aldwyn McGill

Seattle Spoil De Rosario home coming at Opener


The Seattle Sounder FC was in no party mood for what was billed as De Rosario home coming when they entered BMO Field for the TFC 2009 home opener. The weather seemed to comply with the Sounders wishes and put a damper on the evening proceedings with high winds and below normal temperatures.


However, with family and friends in attendance, the stage was set for a grand opening to preclude a victorious ending except the Seattle Sounders seemed to adapt to the elements better than the Reds players and coach Carver and his team like everyone at BMO Field was surprised, that the Sounders was better than their 2-0 expansion record suggested.


As it turn out the Sounders was on top of the Reds from the get go as Limburg and Tyrone Marshall over shadowed De Rosario and Serioux to give the Sounders a 2-0 victory. Limburg opened the scoring as the recipient of a nifty give and go while ex-TFC defender Tyrone Marshall deserves a lot of credit at his central defense for the shutout.


The Sounders victory spoiled the long awaited home opener for the Reds and the official homecoming of Scarborough's Dwayne De Rosario and Adrian Serioux who were traded from Houston and Dallas respectively to the Reds. De Rosario was tightly marked through out the game while Serioux had more than his share of pressure in defense.


Overall, I agree with TFC coach Carver, who made it crystal clear at the press conference that he was not prepared to defend his playerís performance and took full responsibility for the Reds poor showing. Carver went further to say that he was unable to come up with any single TFC player to compliment for their play in the game.


In retrospect, it should be safe to say that Coach Carver was blue in the face after the Seattle Sounders (dressed in green) over powered his Reds. However, coach Carver and his team will have to get over the Sounders loss very quickly in order to step up for the Dallas FC game on Saturday.


The Seattle defeat was the first in three games (1-0-1) for the Reds and although a home loss before the best fans in the MLS is disappointing, the season is still young and with a win at BMO Field on Saturday, Iím sure that the Reds first season loss will be forgiven but not forgotten.


The Reds game on Saturday could be an emotional encounter for TFC Adrian Serioux who was traded from Dallas to TFC in the off-season. Hence, it will be incumbent on Serioux to keep his cool in defense and respond in part with a defensive shut out for TFC.



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