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In CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers Group of Death -------Jamaica upset Mexico 1-0 to keep slim W/C hopes alive while  Honduras eliminate Canada 3-1.  In Group 1 USA advance to final round with 6-1 win over Cuba while  under manned Trinidad and Tobago tie 0-0 with Guatemala----------------------------- In Group 3 Costa Rica became the first team to advance to the final round with a 4-1 win over Suriname while El Salvador comes closer to the final round with a 0-0 tie with Haiti                               


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Community News & Archives   By Aldwyn McGill

Rexdale U-14 Boys defy the odds


In spite of its obstacle, Rexdale U-14 Boys (96ers) won the two major trophies in the Toronto District Youth Soccer League (TDYSL). With the league title in one hand the 96ers clinched the double after beating Rexdale Royal York Lions 1-0 on a goal scored by Dominique Modeste for the TSA Cup.

Though the objective is to recognize Rexdale Rebels 96ers’ on their accomplishment, it is a little strange that heading into the 2010 season, the team was deregistered from the ranks of competitive or Rep to the Club’s House League as non competitive. . 

This seems to have come as a result of a dispute between the Rexdale 96ERS and the Rexdale Soccer Club Executive. So while the 96ERS may have won the battle of the soccer season of 2010, it may well lose a senseless war with its Rexdale Soccer Club Executive in 2011. 

Some situations are usually interpreted as personal, so that others can drop the ball and move on with other business at hand. But when the welfare of kids is involved, one should ask one selves how are these kids going to deal with the challenges of life when the adults cannot.

 This may not have been the case with the Rexdale U-14 Boys, since it is obvious that the parents fought with their coaches to obtain reinstatement when they could have easily look at the coach’s predicament with the Club’s Executive as personal and cease to exist.

 But unless there is a new Executive or new thinking at the Rexdale Soccer Club for 2011, the present climate will continue to be wintry at best, even after their Annual General Meeting on November 9, 2010.

 I am hopeful that whatever the outcome of this ugly situation, the parents of the players of the Rexdale Rebels 96ers’ keep their kids together to allow them to at least enjoy the rewards of a hard fought season and continue to participate in a sport in which they have had success

 Too often kids lose interest in sports, and its difficult to re-interest them in it if the parents choose to move their child to another club or decides that they've had enough of the sport, because of what can only be deemed unfortunate circumstances that had nothing really to do with the players. 

 There is no doubt in my mind that if the parents of the Rexdale U-14 Boys were not supportive of the manager and coach from the onset in their dispute with the Executive, the 96ers would be history. Their support to overcome the deregistering of the team was pivotal to the 96ers successful season.

Rexdale U-14 Boys comprises of visible minorities and even if a coach and an Executive were having problems, why make decisions that affect the players? Why was the entire team re-registered?.

 Having tons of experiences on both side of the spectrum, and listening to the situation, the deregistering of the team was only part of the problem. The fact that the 96ers had to remove their team officials put it in perspective.

 The situation escalated when an appeal was sent to the Toronto Soccer Association, and as part of the resolution it was requested that the Central Region League Management appeal Committee (CRLMC) reinstated the team into the CSL as an additional (9th) team.

 In spite of the parents support, it appears like the Coaching Application for Coach Hayden “Shaka” Brown and the team manager were revoked. Councillors Rob Ford and Suzan Hall and MP Dr. Kirsty Duncan’s office got involved and the U-14 Boys was reinstated as a Rep team.

 In the interim, the Toronto Soccer Association (TSA) assumed temporary stewardship over the Rexdale 96ERS team for the 2010 TDYSL outdoor soccer season in which Rexdale 96ERS rose to the occasion and won.

 The TSA stewardship expiration clause coincides with Rexdale SC’s November 9th, 2010 AGM which in effect means that the matter will resurface as part of the AGM Agenda and minutes.

 But after all is said and done, the Rexdale 96ERS has been reinstated in the CSL for the upcoming 2011 season. Congratulations Rexdale 96ers on a season where you were the best and prevailed over all the rest.











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