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Stars Soccer Review magazine fourth special edition is called Morvant Love. The magazine is produced by Aldwyn McGill of Caribbean Stars Inc. of Toronto, Canada. It contains comprehensive information about the district of Morvant in an interesting, entertaining and colourful manner.


Morvant Love magazine pays special attention to the contributions that residents of Morvant both past and present, have made in academia, sports and culture with special emphasis on the history surrounding the Morvant Community Centre. It was the first "Self-Help" community built Community Centre in Trinidad.


The magazine was preempted by "a drive through Morvant" video that was released on YouTube a couple years ago. Now we are taking you inside Morvant by bus, taxi or your personal vehicle within the magazine to let you see how the houses of the 50s have turned into mansions. It illustrates how the different phases of the Lady Young were completed.


Morvant Love magazine would not have been completed without mention of football and steelband. The football league in Morvant was among the best. Morvant Love reflects some of the footballers from Morvant, who rose to national prominence, including Dennis Lawrence, whose picture appears on the cover of the magazine.


Morvant Love magazine touches on the history of the steelband in Morvant with direct reference to both  Ebonites and Harmonites steel orchestras. The magazine looks at individuals like Thora Best who was awarded the Humming Bird Medal in 2017, to join PG Wilson and Bill Trotman, former awardees.


The magazine helps us to remember our community heroes and the many stories of joy, history, pain and anecdotes that make Morvant the unique community that it is today. It is a collector's item that represents a microscopic perspective on community life in Trinidad and Tobago with the community of Morvant being the model in this instance.

After this exposure to Morvant Love magazine, you will have all the answers to the, who, what or where is Morvant. And hopefully the images that are conjured up in your mind when you hear the word Morvant will be a positive and enjoyable one as you move forward.


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