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Caribbean Stars in the Community  By Aldwyn McGill

  Preview to Morvant love magazine

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Caribbean Stars producing "Mova (Morvant) love" magazine

Caribbean Stars is producing a Mova (Morvant) Love magazine and it features Paul "Bill" Trotman and a cast of accomplished Morvant people on the cover.



Caribbean Stars presents more Morvant Love interviews

 Caribbean Stars has interviewed a few more accomplished people from the District of Morvant for its Morvant (Mova) Love magazine.  


Grace Smith-King Interview for Morvant Love magazine

Grace Smith-King retired as a Supervisor II from a teaching career which saw her reach the shores of England while living all things St Dominic's RC Church in Morvant.. She was the only female teacher in Nelson Street Boys upper school and supported Dodgers and Burnley football teams in the 50s and 60s




Adrian McIntyre Interview for Morvant Love magazine  

Adrian McIntyre was the captain of Dodgers Football Club which happens to be the most dominant team in Morvant Football.  He was the captain of captains and a central back who save the most goals via goal line clearances in the history of the Morvant Football league



Thora Best Interview for Morvant Love magazine

 Thora Best is arguably the busiest Executive in Trinidad and Tobago. The retired Principal continues to devote time to helping the development of youths not just in Morvant but throughout the twin island. She is the Chairman of the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (TUCO) Junior Calypso Committee and runs the Junior competitions. She is also a Vicariate Manager and a Judge of the Best Village competition.


John "Chip" Hills Interview for Morvant Love magazine

John Hills is a member of the original football team from Mon Repos Village. A graduate from Queens Royal College (QRC) in Trinidad he was more than willing (on very short notice) to authenticate Mon Repos village. Players and organizations from Mon Repos have contributed not just to Morvant football but to the development of the district as a whole.




Pamela Phillip-Rochard Interview for Morvant Love magazine

Pamela Phillip Rochard is a retired teacher of 40 years. She is the Vice-President of the Morvant Central Community Council (MCCC) which is playing a pivotal role in getting Morvant on the move. The MCCC is also the organization to which the keys of the new Morvant Community Centre will be handed over. The old Centre was the first in Trinidad and Tobago to be built by the people.  



Michael Wilson talks about his dad PG Wilson for Morvant Love magazine

PG (Percy Granville) Wilson was a record setting quarter miler who had (literally) started races while setting the pace. A Monsieur with a Degree in Physiotherapy he helped Hasley Crawford regained his physical sharpness to win the gold medal in the 100 metres at the '76 Montreal Olympics. PG was the starter at most of the top track meets in T&T and when given the job in Mississippi, USA he gave Tougaloo College athletic program their first taste of championships.



Thomas Bailey Interview for Morvant Love magazine  

Thomas Bailey is the President of Presidents. He one of the many teachers Morvant has produced and his contribution to the Brooklyn Labour Day Carnival and Fiboro Soccer League as the President for over 25 years are invaluable.


T&T Coach Dennis Lawrence Interview for Morvant Love magazine

Trinidad and Tobago men's football Head Coach Dennis "Tallest" Lawrence is proud of being from the district of Morvant. He scored the winning goal against Bahrain for the country to qualify for FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 and thinks that Morvant gets a bad rap.



Anthony "Banga" Harewood Interview on Morvant love  

Anthony "Banga" Harewood took this opportunity to exhale. A diehard supporter of Merrymen FC he is still inspired from the unity and support shown by the district for the Morvant United football team during the national Better Village competition



Dave Small gives an update on Morvant Ebonites Steel Orchestra

Dave Small is the Manager of Morvant Ebonites Steel Orchestra. Throughout his career he represented the younger version of most of his affiliated groups and he is hopeful of boosting Ebonites membership with younger people.


Rueben "Stonegoat" Nurse talks about Ball Dribblers and Cipriani United

In naming the top five teams Rueben "Stonegoat" Nurse thinks that Cipriani United is the best team to have played in the Morvant Football League. With the ability and love for all sports "Stonegoat" is mostly remembered for his tough stance against bullying by literally taking over (buying) the fight. .


Carlos Renwick Interview for Morvant Love magazine

Carlos Renwick became the Secretary of Secretaries in Morvant. He was the Secretary of the Morvant St Dominic's Ex-pupils Association and the Morvant Community Welfare Association (MCWA) only to name a few.



George Green Interview for Morvant Love magazine

George Green fills the generation gap in Morvant as a teacher; from his football days with Manchester and Blackburns as an Executive in Morvant Literary & cultural Group to Treasurer on the Morvant Central Community Council (MCCC).



Anthony "Mose" Lewis Interview on his musical "Revolution"

Anthony "Mose" Lewis is a talented drummer from Chinapoo, Morvant who played for big name Soca bands such as Sound Revolution and Atlantik for 22 years before forming his own band called Moses Revolution in Toronto, Canada.



Reynold "Waterhead" Hunte Interview for Morvant Love magazine

Reynold "Water-head" Hunte is amongst the best to have played in the Morvant Football league. Quiet by nature Reynold felt compelled to talk about some of the players and teams of the Morvant football.




Horace "Goofy" Harrison Interview for Morvant Love magazine  

Horace "Goofy" Harrison love for Morvant goes well beyond playing for his team Rebels in the Morvant Football league. He was a part of the large contingent of Morvant supporters who travelled to South to support Morvant in the district in Best Village final in '75.




Winston "Long-john" Smith Interview for Morvant Love

Winston Smith has a very interesting perspective on the teams and players of the Morvant Football League from 50s onwards. He was the early captain of Dodgers and better known as "Long-john as one of the tallest players in the league.





Renwick Jupiter Interview for Morvant Love magazine

Renwick "Bunny" Jupiter moved from a member of the great Eagles football team of Morvant, Trinidad in the 60s, to the co-founder of Street Guys Soccer League at Flemingdon Park in Toronto, Canada in the 70s.





Percy Parker-Williams Interview for Morvant Love Magazine

Percy Parker has defied the odds by revolutionizing the advertising industry in Trinidad and Tobago. Originally from Morvant Percy was instrumental in launching the Diquez Petroleum Jelly advertisement with 'Bumble Bee' as well as the Pennywise Cosmetics Campaign from a Client/Agency relationship that spanned for 25 years



Jamaal Shabazz interview for Morvant Love magazine

Jamaal Shabazz has brought professional football to the Morvant Recreation Ground as head coach of Morvant Caledonia club of the TT-Pro League.




Akua Benjamin Interview (with Lenox Farrell for Morvant Love Magazine 

Akua (Lorna) Benjamin is a Professor at Ryerson University in Toronto. She was born in Laventille but lived in Morvant Trinidad where she represented the district at the Best Village Competition and has not forgotten her Morvant roots. 



Lenox Farrell Interview for Morvant Love Magazine by Aldwyn McGill

Lenox Farrell is a Canadian who was born in Laventille and grew up in Cipriani Street in the district of Morvant in Trinidad. He is a retired Teacher and Black Activist who is a well respected person in Toronto community.



Carlos Gomes Interview for Morvant Love magazine by Aldwyn McGill

Carlos Gomes is one of the original members of Merrymen Football team in the Morvant Football league. He is also recognized as a community activist who is still adamant that Morvant should return to the older (Morvant Community Welfare Association (MCWA) format instead of the Morvant Central Community Council (MCCC) to regain that sense of oneness


Ancil Constantine Interview for Morvant Love magazine by Aldwyn McGill

Ancil Constantine is another of Morvant's multitalented individuals who played football with top clubs in Morvant and P.O.S, and brought out USS Detroit (City Syncopators) as the largest sailor band in T&T  



Owen Serrette Interview on Ebonites & Harmonites for Morvant Love Magazine.  

Owen "Canon" Serrette has been an integral part of the structure and development of the Steel Orchestra (Band) and its music not just in Morvant but in T&T and around the world.





Singing Sandra Interview for Morvant Love Magazine

Singing Sandra is the district of Morvant most accomplished female entertainer and she brings a lot to the table in terms of talent and depth. Her real name is Sandra Andrea DesVignes Millington.




Morvant MP Adrian Leonce Interview for Morvant Love magazine

Adrian Leonce is the MP for Laventille/East Morvant. He was born in Pitch Road in Central Morvant and in this interview he gives his vision for the district of Morvant and its Village Councils.

See below for the shortlist of the 16 people interviewed earlier:

1)     1) Gwenwyn Cust (God rest his soul) had the longest teaching career in Morvant and helped in the development of Morvant in general. He played for Richmond Street Primary school and Tranquility Secondary where he graduated and became a teacher. During that time he played for Luton Town before accepting a scholarship from Colts Sports Club where he became the captain and gained selection to the national team.



2)      Ephraim Serrette (President of National Association of Athletics Administrations of Trinidad and Tobago)   Besides his many athletic records Ephraim claim to fame is when he defeated Trinidad and Tobago's Olympic 100-Metre Gold Medalist Hasley Crawford in 1977 at Arima Velodrome. Originally from the Morvant Jets Athletic Club which he joined while at primary school Ephraim eventually joined Hampton Athletics Club in 1976




 3)  Asha Lester (FIFA Referee and Coach) was once one of just two FIFA Women's Referees in T&T. Established  the original Morvant Football Academy and continues to coach both boys and girls   at the secondary and Primary school levels   






       4) Bill Trotman (Comedian, Calypsonian, MC, Actor, Artist and a host of other talents too numerous to mention He can easily recall the history of Morvant based on its development and amenities. He thinks Movant is Lovable.




   2) 5) Russell McIntyre (Mr. Morvant in Football) A member of the dominant Dodgers team His staying power has allowed him to bridge the generation gap in Morvant football






       6) Calypsonian Donric "Funny" Williamson helped put Morvant in the national spotlight and T&T on the International map. One of the founders of the famous Masters Den calypso tent and a member of Blackpool and Who Cares football teams.





          7) Mavis John (Teacher and Singer) Billed as the Lady Soul of T&T. 



      8)  Rudolph Ottley born and breed in Chinapoo Morvant before migrating to Canada. He returned to Trinidad after attaining three degrees which helped him authored his (7) seven books.  Ottley runs the first all-female calypso tent in the World called Divas Calypso Cabaret International.






      9) Victor McGill (Former National Footballer, Teacher & qualified Musician. He teaches the national (Pan) instrument. He played for Who Cares, Cipriani United, Morvant United, and Colt Sports Club.




0)  Christford "Puss" Williamson  is arguably one of the most talented footballers Morvant has ever seen. He was the leader of the infamous Cipriani United team which took Morvant by storm in '68.

      Cipriani United was the club whose players provided the ground work for a Morvant United team to enjoy major successes outside the District.




       11) Jacob Windsor "Silver Medalist in Table Tennis @ the First World Police & Fire Games in San Diego 1985. Windsor has always excelled at table tennis and won South East Port of Spain Secondary School championship, Morvant Best Village and Class B Division of the Police Service table tennis competitions. He has represented Police throughout his 15-year career (1974-89) in the Police service.


     12) Anthony "Prowler" Streete is one of the Most respected Professional Football Coaches in Trinidad and Tobago. Streete is a former national player whose understanding and knowledge of the game made his choice to enter the coaching ranks a no brainer.





       13) Kelly Green is a drummer & leader of Kelly Green & Harmony). His band is one of the leading bands in T&T)



      14) Nevick Denoon (Former National player and President of Morvant Elements Football Club)








        15)     Frank Edwards runs Morvant Football Academy) and is about to take Morvant Youth Football to the next level.      








      16)Ralph Campbell is a talented Actor & Play-writer. He is also a Teacher who is poised to introduce the youths in Morvant to the developing arts.  






 2015 Caribbean Stars Morvant U-13 & U11 Boy's Tournament:


Trendsetter Hawks, Jabloteh, and P&D Academy were big winners at Caribbean Stars Youth Football Tournament on a bright sunny day on Saturday October 17, 2015 at the Morvant Recreation Ground. It was Caribbean Stars substitute tournament for the Morvant Primary school Football leaguer after Hokett Baptist was the only school which was ready for competition.


Hokett Baptist took place in the Boys U-11 Division that was won by Trendsetter Hawks which defeated San Juan Jabloteh in sudden death penalty kicks in the final after the team played to a scoreless finish in regulation. Trendsetter Hawks converted its first kick while Jabloteh missed their first to spark Trendsetter's celebration.


San Juan Jabloteh regrouped from their loss in the U-11 final and won the Boys Under 13 Division in impressive fashion. Unllike the U-11s the U-13 division was played under a league format and from the opening whistle Jabloteh showed why their team is the T&T Pro league U-13 Champions. They displayed some effective defending, precision passing and textbook finishing to rise to the top. 


From the kickoff of the U-13 competition Jabloteh made it seem like the only race in the group was for second place. P&D Academy which seemed to be Jabloteh competition was not ready mentally for a composed Jabloteh team and was defeated 3-0 and eventually finished second, after defeating Morvant Elements in the last game of the tournament. Morvant Football Academy gave a grand display and finished third.


Dressed to radiate the radiant sunshine P&D Academy won the Eggy's March Pass Trophy for their uniformity, and colour coordination. The judges of the March Pass were Christford Williamson, Russell McIntyre and Victor McGill after the participating teams voted to turn the  March Pass into a Walk-By without the marching band present. Stay Tuned for more pictures in Mova Love magazine!


        (Celebrating On stage) Winners of the Caribbean Stars Morvant Youth Football tournament 2015        

  P&D Academy (Led the march from start to finish as the best uniform, most colorful and best coordination

(Above) San Juan Jabloteh Boys U-13 Winners


Stars producing "Mova (Morvant) love" magazine

Caribbean Stars is continuing with the release of 40+ years of football/soccer information by producing a Mova (Morvant) Love magazine. 


The magazine will give a comprehensive look at the historical components of the Morvant District.


Morvant  is strategically located at the eastern edge of Port of Spain, Trinidad and the Mova Love magazine will highlight countless people who have contributed to shaping the cultural landscape of not just Morvant but of Trinidad and Tobago as well.


A huge awakening to the district of Morvant football potential was realized in 1970 when a Morvant United team made a clean sweep of the PYM Football League in San Juan and reached the semi final of the FA Trophy.


The Morvant United team 1970 feat was accomplished even when a couple of players from Morvant (Errol Sebro and Victor McGill) who represented Trinidad and Tobago were unavailable due to commitment with their respective First Division clubs (Paragon & Colts)  in the Port of Spain Football League (POSFL).


1970 was the first time that Morvant footballers came together for a United effort to represent the district. ...Stay tuned!


Morvant United, the 1970 champions of the PYM (Progressive Youth Movement) Football League gave a grand display Wednesday when they met Police of the Port of Spain Football League in the North Zone F.A. Trophy semi-final on St Mary's College Ground.

Although beaten 2-0 the Morvant team performed creditably and justified their clean sweep of the PYMFL trophies.

Formerly Cipriani and coached by Tony Gouveia, Morvant won the First Division Shield, Witco Trophy, Vat 19 Cup, Best Discipline Cup, Most Goals Trophy, another prize  for qualifying as the league FA finalist and first round medals.

Picture above shows the Morvant United team at St Mary's Ground before the semi-final

Back Row(from left to right) Jose Parker, Gearge Andrews, (GK) Carlton Joseph, Reginal Carr, Russell McIntyre (capt)

Front Row: Lance Dillon, Keith Bruce, Adrian Hunte, Aldwyn McGill, Herman Downer, and Reynold Hunte.













 Caribbean Stars Inc. All Rights Reserved 2005


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