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Stars Soccer Review (SSR) fifth special edition magazine is called "A winning Tradition." It is on GS United (Gursikh Sabha United) Soccer Club which is based out of Scarborough, Ontario and affiliated to Scarborough Soccer Association. 


GS rose to prominence in 2005 when it became the first team from Ontario in 16 years to win the Canadian Men's National Soccer title in Calgary. However, winning the national title placed tremendous pressure on its future teams.


The club's prior objectives were to win the league title and the prestigious Ontario Cup by becoming champions of the Province of Ontario, although winning the Cup came with automatic qualification to the National competition it was a case of the club taking each challenge in stride.



Over the tears GS United has expanded its operation  to incorporate eight (8) competitive teams. They include three women's team and five men's team.  The club also has a development league for kids 16 years and under.


The year 2018 has been a banner year for the club in terms of winning and you can watch GS United Interviews on YouTube to prepare for SSR upcoming issue on the club.....Stay Tuned!! 

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