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About Caribbean Stars affiliation with The Selects

"Caribbean Selects" was part of the Canadian Soccer League (CSL) in the newly formed International division for the 2006 season.

The name Caribbean Selects was adopted when the original name Caribbean Stars was changed since the word “STARS” was opposed by the Border Stars organization. Border Stars felt that the "Stars" in the names of the two teams would have presented media confusion and as a result Border Stars as the senior team gained the decision of the league for the change. The name Caribbean Selects was submitted and accepted to the CSL office on Monday March 20, 2006.


Subsequent to the league acceptance of the Caribbean franchise, operational stipulations were tabled to  Kicker Sport Inc and owner of the Caribbean Selects in regards to Caribbean Stars operational limitations within his Caribbean Selects organization for the 2006 season. 


Caribbean Stars commitment to cover the Trinidad and Tobago Soca Warriors team at World Cup Germany in June, 2006 and launching of our International Primary School Tournament in  Morvant, Trinidad in September. These commitments were made since November 2005. Caribbean Stars disassociated our organization with Kicker Sport Inc and a formal letter to that effect was forwarded to the Canadian Soccer League in the middle of July 2006.


Caribbean Stars" has enjoyed great success over the years and has grown and will continue to grow by it's commitment to provide positive contributions to the Caribbean Community.


For over two decades Caribbean Stars have been the ambassador and positive influence in the Caribbean Community. We have produced and developed model citizens, elite players, winning teams, competitive leagues, memorable tournaments, enjoyable social events, and lasting friendships. We have also formed professional relationships with individuals, clubs, and organization both locally and internationally. Caribbean Stars has diversified and created a website, launched May 21, 2005. Our intention is to bring you over 30 years of information and experience, while keeping you abreast on current affairs, and activities in the community via the Caribbean Stars Experience.

This information was forwarded to answer the many questions about Caribbean Selects

We ask that you continue to support the Caribbean Stars Experience.

Aldwyn McGill
Events Coordinator, Sports Columnist for Caribbean Camera Newspaper                                 Photographer, and Writer of Stars Soccer Review Magazine.

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